Stall Calls

Kay Wiggins Pandora Bracelet sample indoor advertising Kay Wiggins

I received a call from a lady in the bathroom at Willie C’s. She was visiting from out of town and saw my ad on the indoor billboard. She wanted to find out exactly where we were located so that she could come visit our store! We ended up doing a great amount of business with this out of town customer. If she had not seen our ad, we would have missed out on this opportunity. The amount of her business paid for my entire year of advertising on the indoor billboards!

Kay Wiggins
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Xenon Academy sample indoor advertisementXenon International School of Hair Design

I got a call the other day from a lady who was having lunch at Margarita's Cantina. She said "This is going to sound funny, but I am in the bathroom at Margarita's and I want to get my hair done!" She had seen our (Xenon International School of Hair Design) in the bathroom stall for 20% off services. I asked her when she wanted to come in and she said she was on her way. Great advertising! You never know where your clients are calling from!

Laura Gore
Clinic Floor Coordinator
Xenon International School of Hair Design